AbdominoplastyA tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the underlying muscle. The procedure is ideally suited to people who have overhanging, loose skin as well as excess fat.

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Arm Lifts

Arm-LiftAn arm lift, or brachioplasty, will remove large amounts of loose or sagging skin on the upper arms.

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LiposuctionIf you have stubborn pockets of body fat that no amount of exercise or dieting can shift then liposuction could be for you. The procedure is not a quick-fix weight loss treatment for obesity – it is designed to contour and improve the shape of your body and is best suited to people who are a healthy weight but have areas of fat they can’t get rid of.

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Scar Revision

Scar-RevisionScars caused by surgery or traumatic injury are usually permanent and can cause a great deal of embarrassment and are often difficult to cover up. With scar revision surgery their appearance can be dramatically improved.

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Thigh Lifts

Thigh-LiftA thigh lift or thigh reduction will tighten sagging muscles and remove excess skin in the thigh area. Many women are concerned about the size and shape of their thighs so this procedure will greatly improve the body contour and give you a renewed sense of confidence.

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