Breast Augmentation

Breast implants can be used to improve both the size and shape of the breasts. The way you feel about your breasts can have an enormous impact on your confidence and self-esteem. So a breast augmentation can give you a mental, as well as a physical boost.

Am I a Candidate?

If you feel that your breasts are lacking in shape and volume, or if they have lost their perky, youthful shape, a breast augmentation procedure can remedy this. For women who lack confidence due to small breasts, this procedure can boost the breasts and simultaneously boost your self esteem.

The Surgery

During surgery an incision is made in the armpit (axilla), around the nipple region, or more commonly in the crease underneath the breast (inframammary fold). The implants will then be inserted either between the skin and the chest muscle (pre pectoral/subglandular), or beneath the chest muscle (sub pectoral). The procedure generally takes about ninety minutes to complete.


The recovery time after a breast augmentation surgery usually involves a half-day stay in the day surgery hospital. Most patients find that they can return to work after two weeks recuperation, but this will vary with your type of job. It may take up to six weeks for a full recovery. You will be given pain medications, antibiotics and there will be small dressings on the breasts. You will go home in a boob tube for comfort and to minimise swelling, and then you will seen within a few days for a bra fitting and a wound check. You will be seen regularly over the next 12 months following surgery. Yearly follow-up is offered to check how you are doing and that there are no problems with the implants.

Vectra 3D Computer Imaging System

I have the latest technology available to assist in the consultation process. When appropriate, I can use the Vectra 3D computer imaging system, which can simulate the outcome of your breast surgery with three-dimensional imagery.

During a consultation, I will discuss your objectives and we will have a chance to get to know each other. We will then come up with a surgical plan to best suit your individual needs.

The Vectra 3D system acts as an adjunct to the consultation to allow you to better communicate your expectations. This will help us to achieve the outcome that you desire and that is achievable. The images generated by the Vectra 3D help to demonstrate that you and I are working towards a common goal.

Ultimately, the Vectra 3D computer imaging system is a simulating tool that provides you with a visual representation of your potential post-operative results. It can also be a helpful tool to increase your comfort level, visually demonstrating that your needs have been heard.