Breast Lift


A breast lift will improve the shape of the breasts – as we age and with significant weight fluctuations, the skin becomes less elastic, often causing the skin to sag and the breasts become droopy (ptotic).

Am I a Candidate?

Age, significant weight gain and loss such as with pregnancy and breastfeeding, can alter the shape of your breasts. Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery are those who wish to restore to a perkier, youthful shape to the breasts once your weight has stabilised.

The Surgery

The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and the nipple and areola (pigmented area surrounded the nipple) moved to a higher position. Breast tissue can be rearranged so that breasts appear fuller and more perky. There will be scars on the breast that will settle in time, in exchange for improved breast shape. Implants can be inserted in the same operation if larger volume breasts are desired. The operation will take around 2 -3 hours.


The recovery time after a breast lift usually involves a half-day stay in the day surgery hospital. Most patients find that they can return to work after two weeks recuperation, but this will vary with your type of job. It may take up to six weeks for a full recovery. You will be given pain medications, antibiotics and there will be small dressings on the breasts. You will go home in a boob tube for comfort and to minimise swelling, and then you will seen within a few days for a bra fitting and a wound check. You will be seen regularly over the next 12 months following surgery as scars take time to mature and your overall result will change over this period.